Julián Benegas

No, it's not about the journey

We've all heard it. Meditate. Do a couple of push ups every day. Walk. Eat right. Forget objectives, focus on systems.

All these are "good" things. But for what? We read some tweet of some guy we admire and then decided that we should follow what he did, and then we'll be like him.

But we can't. It's impossible, because there are simply too many details.

Take for example, Tiger Wood's swing. Watch it in slow motion. Try your best to imitate him.

Have him coach you all day every day. Ask him how he does it. He doesn't know. There are too many details. Nuances.

You'll never get it.

So what do you do? Aim. That's what you do. Focus on your objectives. Know your destination vividly. Start from there.

In the era of information: constant productivity hacks, dozens of apps, a sea of self-help books... trust yourself. Which journey doesn't matter. Try to enjoy it, sure, but focus on your aim. It's always about the destination.